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*The Urpneys are examining a river*

Blob: Ah, just our ticket. What we will do, men, is rather than spend meaningless time despersing one bottle per onto one tree, we will take our entire stock and flush it into their water supply, killing the entire forest from within.

Frizz: But even they'll catch on to that. I mean, when they see all their trees dying, I think they'll have a hunch that 'you know, maybe it was those three Urpney-like Wuts, lugging around bags and bags of poison near the river a minute ago'...

Blob: Frizz...

Frizz: And then...they'll capture us, and send us for torture with...who knows what!!!

Nug: I suspect they might use those big glowy sticks. They seem to do a lot of things, those big glowy perhaps they would be good for say, magicing you inside out or driving some lightning bolt straight through your head...

Frizz: *moritified* Waugghhh!

Blob: Don't be ridiculous, men. We are perfectly concealed so long as we have our perfume. Speaking of which we better give it another spray.

*the Urpneys spray on perfume effeminately*

Frizz: I'll never smell the same again. This rubbish will taint my lovely odor.

Nug: Well maybe these Wuts have an Urpney-smell purfume.

Frizz: Why would they need to smell like us?

Nug: Well... I suppose the same reason we want to smell like them. I mean, when you think about it, just about anyone we know could be some Noop or monster sprayed with an Urpney odor....Like Boff...He's kinda Wut-like...

*the Noops are shown hiding in a bush nearby*

Amberley: So that's it.

Rufus: What? We should get this Boff fellow?

Amberley: Nooo, they're spraying it so they can fool the Wuts.

Rufus: Oh. Right. That....Well if they can't spray anymore, maybe it'll wear off. I suppose it can't hold off Urpney smell for that long. But how will we get it off them?

Amberley: I dunno, but we have to do something, before they dump that poison into the river.

Blob: Alright men, to the Whirliped.

*The Urpneys walk off, not noticing a magic light taking their perfume bottles gently from their belts and float towards Pildit hiding from a distance*

Pildit: I do hate to pry into auntie's property, but I have to find some clue to all this. It just isn't like Rufus and Amberley to turn like that. Something must be wrong.

*Pildit cautiously squirts one of the bottles*

Pildit: Hmm, nothing odd here. Though that stuff smells like B.O.

Wut: Pildit! Come quick!

Pildit: What's wrong, number eight?

Wut: The trees, Pildit, they're beginning to wilt!

Pildit: Hold on. *walks off with Wut leaving the bottles*

*Noops come out of bush and swipe bottles*

Amberley: This is perfect. Rufus, I've got a plan. Do you know how to.... *whispers in Rufus' ear, he giggles*

*shots of Rufus emptying the bottles and filling them with some liquid*

Amberley: Have you got it, Rufus, I can see them coming.

Rufus: *stirring some new concoction in the bottles with his sword* Just a tick, Amberley, you can't rush art.... annnd there.

Amberley: Now you take to your position and I'll keep my eye on them.

*Rufus sneaks off while Amberley quickly places the bottles out open next to a tree and hides*

*The Urpneys waddle forward with their giant loads of poison bottles*

Frizz: I could have one of those defective bottles, I could. It could be leaking all over me.

Nug: That could be lethal, that. I mean if it harms plants it can't be that good for clothes. Or skin.

Blob: Alright men, now for safety measurements we shall cover ourselves with our perfume so as to...

Frizz: The perfume...I can't find it! I CAN'T FIND IT! WE'RE CAUGHT!! BUSTED!! THEY'LL TEAR US APAR-

Blob: *ahem* Just I er, aprehenced, we had merely left our bottles next to this tree.

*the Urpneys spray the perfume again, while Amberley watches hidden away, trying not to laugh*

Blob: Now we are secured, we shall throw this very adicrate load of poison into the river. *Urpneys push bag towards bank of river* One...two...

*The Urpneys then hear Rufus from far back, holding what seems to be the Dreamstone*

Rufus: *blandly memorizing lines* Oh look...what I have. It is...the...*clicks finger remembering*...Dreamstone...I sure do hope no one tries to...steal it while I am alone

Blob: *eyes fixated on 'stone'* The Dreamstone?!?

Nug: *rolls eyes, sighing* Oh no......

Blob: Quickly men, apprehend that Noop!

*The Urpneys dart towards Rufus and run off with the stone, while Amberley quickly pulls back the poison about to topple into the river*

*meanwhile the Wuts are examining the trees*

Wut: It just happened in all of a few minutes Pildit. One minute they were fine and then they just wilted.

Pildit: I don't understand. Nothing natural could have done this to these trees.

Blob: His Lordship will be most gratified that we spared the trouble by collecting the stone first hand. OOF! *the Urpneys bump into Pildit*

Blob: Oh, er, young Pil-sitsname or other...*whispers to Urpneys* Perfume, men! *to Pildit* We-e're have merely been instructed by the-err the Dream Maker, THE DREAM MAKER, YES...

Nug: * while spraying notices the perfume is staining them* Sarge.

Blob:, ah er... fragrence this here stone with o-our lovely potions...

*Pildit looks slightly shocked*

Nug: Sarge.

Blob: What is it?!?

Nug: I think the perfume's gone stale, Sarge.

*Blob pauses while Pildit gradually forms a small frown*

*elsewhere the Noops try to catch up with the Urpneys*

Rufus: Do you think it worked?

*the Noops duck and cover as the Urpneys come past frantically running from lazer bolts*

Urpneys: AAGGHHHHHH!!!!

Amberley: *smirks* I think so.

Frizz: I kept saying, 'go back home', 'just get back into the Whirlyped before they find out' but does anyone ever listen to...

Blob: Shut up, Frizz! Are they still on our tail, Nug?

Nug: *looks backward to an enormous army of Wuts chasing them* *deadpan* A few of them, yeah.

*Mr Blossom is collecting plants on a leaf, before Blob kicks him off and the Urpneys fly off with it*

Blossom: *shaking fist angrily* 'AY! 'AAYYYY!!!!

Blob: Take that! And here's some more! *throws bottles at Wuts*

Pildit: Just give back the stone, and they'll be a lot less silly grizzly business.

Blob: Never! You have yet to inumerate the Urpney army! *not noticing leaky poison bottle dripping on leaf*

Pildit: I would drop if I were you, sargent.

Blob: You'll have to do better than that, Wut!

Nug: Erm, sarge? The leaf's shrinking.

Blob: Don't be stupid, Nug. Leaves don't shrink.

Nug: Well this one is, see?

*leaf shrivels and deteriorates, with the Urpneys falling off a cliff*

Pildit: Tried to warn them.

*Meanwhile the Noops are pulling Mr Blossom back to his feet*

Amberley: Are you all right Mr Blossom?

Mr Blossom: As much as can be expected from a bunch of hooligan Urpneys coming around and hijacking my leaf.

Rufus: Which way did they go?

Mr Blossom: Down there I think.

*The Noops run off still holding Mr Blossom half standing*

*the Wuts are hovering at the bottom of the cliff searching for the Urpneys*

Pildit: Search all around, team. They can't have gotten very far.

*suddenly the Whirliped rises from the grass and shrubs beneath them, knocking them off their leafs*

Blob: Many thank yous for the pleasant visit, now we must be going.

*Pildit holds the Whirliped with his orb, the ship struggles*

Blob: Faster men, keep pedaling!

*Frizz and Nug pedal frantically, panting as Pildit struggles to hold it in place*

Blob: Fumbling Wut. Let go at once.

Pildit: You've taken the stone, hurt our wildlife, and played a lot of mean pranks. I can't let that go, sargent.

Blob: All engines men, full power.

*Frizz and Nug pedal to the point of blurs, while Blob presses and clicks at every button on his panel*

*exhaust fumes explode in Pildit's face, his orb and depowering and the Whirliped catapulting into the horizon as a result*

Urpneys: YAGHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh.....

*The Noops run in panting, with a exasperated Mr Blossom limping far behind*

Amberley: Did you get rid of them.

Pildit: *downbeat* They're gone, but they made of with the stone.

Rufus: Oh that. That's no problem.

*meanwhile in Viltheed, Zordrak is still strategizing, and eventually flicks an Urpney off the map and moves another like a chess piece*

Urpgor: Heh, heh, marvelous move, your lordship. *cough wheeze* With those Wuts defenseless, the Land of Dreams will be all yours for the taking, rssp, so long as Blob manages to acomplish his job, eheheh *cough*, which I admit is doubtful...

*Urpgor hears a noise closing in, before the Whirliped enters the cave, diving on top of him*


* The Urpneys climb out dazed and haggard*

Blob: We have returned, sir and with good news of our excavation and...


*a haggard Urpgor jumps out of the wreckage, ranting and prodding at Blob*

Urpgor: First you contaminate my wonderous odor by smashing a bag load of perfume onto me, and then you land the Whirliped onto my fragile being FOR THE SECOND TIME! What ever next, Blob! Perhaps you'd just like to skip the formalities and kick me into the Argorrible pit!!!

Blob: If you insist...

*Blob kicks him off the ledge and into said pit*

Zordrak: I do hope you made good use of my precious poison, Blob.

Blob: Even better, sir. We skipped over such difficult techalities and strived to get you The Dreamstone.

Zordrak: The Dreamstone?

Urpgor: *staggers our of pit* What?!? You were supposed to dispense the poison, Blob! You were given basic orders and the most elaborate scientific concoctions and you gallavant off...

Zordrak: *zaps Urpgor* Be silent, Urpgor!

Blob: Here you are sir. *hands the stone, Zordrak looks for a moment with a nonplussed look on his face* It was nothing really sir, the usual effortuitous struggle, nothing too glamerous but all...

Zordrak: Blob...

Blob: Eh, yessir.

Zordrak: *deadpan* this?...

* shows the container up close to Blob, revealing it to be a very crude craft made imitation, with a piece of paper reading 'The Dreemstoan' inside*

Blob: ...ooh...

*Zordrak makes a great yell that blows the Urpneys out of the lair and into an outside wall*

Nug: Well that thing read the Dreamstone clear enough.

*back in the forest, the Wuts are looking at the dying trees*

Amberley: We're sorry, Pildit, w, we tried to stop them sooner but...

Pildit: They're in bad condition, but I think our herbs may still be able to save them.

*Pildit drops a potion onto a tree, it raises and regains color slightly*

Pildit: I think...I might owe you two an apology...

Rufus: Oh it's all right Pildit. We all have our, er..outbursts.

Amberley: And it was a sneaky trick.

Voice: Ah, Pildit, we've been looking for you everywhere.

Pildit: Aha. Now I know that voice. Rufus. Amberley. This is, hopefully for real this time, my relatives.

Blubous: Pleasure to meet you.

*shot of the Wuts, who look very similar to the Urpney trio, the Noops are dumbfounded*

Rufus: Shou....

Amberley: No.

Pildit: Well I think we have a lot of lost time to make up for.

Blubous: I'll say, this place needs a good touch up. Come on you two.

*the three Wuts fly around spraying their magic onto the plants below, leading them to blossom and grow and fill with color*

Pildit: I guess I better get a start on things too. Would either of you like to join us?

Amberley: *blushes* Oh, yes thank you. Er, keep check on our bottles will you Rufus?

Rufus: Oh, er, no problem, Amberley.

Amberley:, and for earlier as well, I guess.

*Amberley pecks Rufus on the cheek, Rufus becomes catatonic*

Narrator: But Rufus wouldn't be able to keep check of anything for some time.

*Amberley joins Pildit on his leaf, while Rufus flops onto the floor with a big grin on his face, not noticing the bottles he's knocked over*

Narrator: Meanwhile back in Viltheed...

Zordrak: Hmmm...try that direction...FIRE!

*Urpneys are on large map again*

Urpney: Sorry sarge. *releases catapult*

*projectile lands on the trio, standing perfectly still*

Nug: *through teeth* I think I've got somethin' up me nose.

Blob: *through teeth* Be quiet, Nug...

*suddenly the Urpneys are given an electric shock*

Urpgor: You are models, you halfwits! And models don't talk! Or move! Or whine! Just STAND! STAND! STAND! STAND-STAND-STAND!!! HAHAHAHAAA!!! HAH HAH!! *cough splutter*

*more projectiles hit Urpneys*

Frizz: *through teeth* When this is over, Urpgor *electric shock* won't be able to stand either...
Wut Nonsense Rev 2 Part Four
And there we go. Hopefully this will be good enough for the comic should I ever get round to it. If you have any changes to suggest, please say so beforehand.
Pildit: Oh there you are.

*Urpneys scream and hide their bottles*


Pildit: Oh. Suit yourself then, Uncle. By the way, my apologies for that little tiffle. Er, do you know why Rufus and Amberley may be repelled by you so?

Frizz: I wish they were repelled. *Blob bonks Frizz's cap* AYAGH!

Blob: Oh, er, I suppose it's a common habit for Noops. Very fierce little things you see.

Pildit: Really? I never noticed that behaviour with Rufus and Amberley before. You know, outside of around Urpneys.

Frizz: Oh they're mean little things, don't be fooled.

Blob: Oh yes, prone to very wild fits, it's not their fault I suppose, but their territological instincts just take over, er, especially around unusual scents.

Pildit: My I've never heard of such a thing.

Blob: Yes, well anyway, it's probably best you keep them as far away from us new odd smelling Wuts as possible, so as not to rile them up you see.

Pildit: Well, I gave them a little time out till they calm a little. Hopefully they can join us later.

Frizz: *snarky* Sounds like blissful company. *Blob bonks him again* OOOF!

Pildit: Anyway, while we're here perhaps you'd like to see our patrol in action.

Nug: Patrol?

Wildit: *offscreen* Tally-HO!!!!

*Wildit comes charging downward on her lead*


*Wildit crash lands into the Urpneys, and zooms past Pildit, sending him spinning, he eventually stops, still in the same nonchalant pose as before*

Wildit: *jumping upright* Ha ha! Another perfect landing! And what newcomers do we have here?

Pildit: Ah, Grandma, you remember Auntie Blubous?

Wildit: *glares for a moment, before odor takes effect* Ah, yes, cousin Blubous *shakes the Urpneys' hands vigorously, vibrating them off the ground*

Blob: Charmed.

Wildit: And Bruisewort, you've certainly lost a few pounds since we last met. And a few feet come to think of. *slaps Frizz hard on the back laughing*

Frizz: *bitter* It comes with the occupation...

Wildit: Well let's not just stand there, we have to see your skills in the air again. Why don't you hop on one our leaves.

Frizz: On that thing? Up in the air?

Blob: What a splendid idea. And these two are quite insisted in showing their stuff.

Frizz: There is no way *Blob yanks them to talk in private* Errkk!

Blob: *huddles the two and begins secretly stuffing their costumes with poison bottles* This is the ideal opportunity, men. While you is airbourne, you will tip your bottles onto the trees from above.

Frizz: B, but sarge...

Wildit: So which of you is going first?

Blob: *shoves Frizz and Nug towards Wildit* They're all ready for the air.

Nug: I, I think Bruisewotsit wants to go first.

Frizz: WHAT!?!

Wildit: *drags Frizz kicking and screaming onto leaf* Spiffing, off you go, Blubous, and remember to keep on your leaf this time. Not TOO much of that daredevil stuff.

Frizz: *grins evilly* Well, what we had in mind, see, was to do a double act.

*Nug panics*

Wildit: Hah, hah. What a spiffing idea. On you go then, Helianth. *drags Nug onto leaf*

Nug: *mutters* You're really spiteful you are.

Frizz: *mutters* You started it.

Wildit: Okay then, on my mark...

Frizz: W, wait a minute, I, I'm not ready...

Nug: So how exactly do you steer the...

Wildit: GO!

*the leaf zooms off into the air, Frizz and Nug scream*

Wildit: Hah hah, they haven't changed a bit. Look at that loop de loop.

*the Urpneys are haphazardly flying the leaf*


Nug: Hey! Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this! Look at this, Frizz.

Frizz: No! NO! NOOOO!!!

*the leaf goes loop de loop around the tree, some quiet voices are heard as they fly away*

Amberley: There they are now, up to no good, no doubt.

Rufus: I know...they really need work. I can do much better moves, Amberley....

Amberley: Shh, just glide quietly so we can close in on them.

*Rufus and Amberley fly out of the tree's greens on a leaf together*

Frizz: We're going down so we squish a less when we fall! *leaf lowers just as Amberley attempts to make grab*

Nug: Oh come on, don’t be boring, I wanna go higher! *heightens as she tries again*

Frizz: Lower! *again*

Nug: Higher! *again*

Frizz: Lower!

Nug: Higher!

*eventually a frustrated Amberley manages to yank onto the leaf, jerking the Urpneys somewhat*

Frizz: Oh 'eck! Oh 'eck! It's happening! It's 'pore mechanisms' must be failing or something! We're gonna die!!!!


Nug: It's those two again.

Frizz: How inconsiderate can you get? You could kill someone just yanking their leaf from under them when up in the air like that!

Amberley: It's you whose plotting to poison a-ALLLLLL *Rufus sways whimsically to one side* these innocent plants but you're not getting a-wWAAAAYYY *the other* RUFUS!

Wildit: I say, is that the young Noops flying nearby?

Pildit: Oh dear…Grandma could you get those two down please?


Rufus: Eh, Amberley, Wildit's calling us.

Amberley: But we're just-

Frizz: *heckles* That's right, take a hike. Heh, heh.

Nug: You’ve been given your marching orders, heh heh.

*Frizz and Nug laugh and nyah nyah at a fuming Amberley, who continues closing in on them, suddenly the Urpneys' leaf snags on a branch, sending them falling to the ground. Amberley clicks her fingers in frustration, before the Noops hit a tree*

*Blob is walking in the forest, finding a tree to poison*

Blob: No doubt my men have already elaborately dispensed the poison all over the branches by now...

*Frizz and Nug's screams get louder before they crash land on Blob*

Frizz: That's it. These people must have caught onto us. They're trying to get us killed!

Nug: I dunno, I think we made a good display up there.

*Blob stands up knocking the other two off*

Blob: Did you manage to dispense the poison?

Frizz: Those Noops went after us again.

Nug: But we were really getting the hang of it up there, sarge, you should have seen us, we did this really fancy sumersalt and then... *Blob is on the verge of knocking Nug's block off when*

Young Wut: Excuse me. What are you doing here?

Blob: Blast! Fragrance men! *the Urpneys urgently squirt their perfume*

Young Wut: Are you supposed to be the guests teaching us today?

Blob: Ehh erm...

Young Wut 2: The ones showing us all the special formulas for the plants.

Blob:, quite so. Step this way young Wuts and we will show our mecidicinal craft.

*the Urpneys walk off with the kids as the Noops climb down haggard*

Amberley: There they are right there! Come on!

Rufus: You know Amberley, I'm not sure this is working, perhaps we should maybe try a… *notices Amberley is gone* …oh…never mind then…

Blob: We will begin young Wuts, by watering our lovely potions onto these here trees.

*Blob hands them poison bottles*

Young Wut 3: Egh, this stuff smells funny.

Nug: I'm surprised you can tell really.

Blob: Now bottles to the ready...

Amberley: STOP! Don't do it! It's horrible Urpney poison to kill the trees! *smacks the bottles out of the Wuts' hands* Rufus, search those two.

Rufus: Y,you know Pildit’s likely gonna come around this po-

Amberley: Now Rufus!

Rufus: *sighs defeated and points his sword at Frizz and Nug somewhat half heartedly* Oh right, you know the drill, hands up.

*the Wuts just watch dumbfounded*

Young Wut 2: Is this part of the lesson?

*meanwhile Pildit is searching for the Urpneys*

Pildit: Uncle Bruisewort? Where did they go?

Amberley: You were getting kids to do your dirty work!? That's as low as it gets even by your-

*as Amberley talks, Blob notices Pildit searching for them and coming closer, he grins evilly*

Blob: *prods Amberley* Ohhh? And just what is a little delinquince like you going to do about it? It must be a shame, with your tiny little infant Noop brain, not even able to convince your stupid Wut friend what's going on.

*Amberley fumes livid before jumping Blob*

Amberley: *pulling at Blob's fake nose* TAKE IT OFF! TAKE OFF THAT COSTUME NOW!!!


*Rufus and Frizz and Nug just watch jaws dropped*

Nug: Is she always like that?

Rufus: Not always.

Pildit: What on Earth is going on this time?

Blob: This little jackal pounced me! *grabs Amberley off by her collar, she manages to finally pull his nose off and jumps towards Pildit triumphantly*

Amberley: Ah hah! There see? A fake.

*Pildit looks at nose then Blob, who smiles innocently*


Pildit: *sternly* You two here now.

*Amberley is in disbelief, Frizz and Nug titter quietly at Rufus as he slinks off huffily*

Pildit: Sorry, Auntie. You may leave now.

Blob: Yes, well I don't think this should be let off, deary. Corporal punishment is a necessary for all good leaders and these two need disciplining.

Pildit: Well I....

*Amberley turns to see the Urpneys rasping and pulling faces at her*

Amberley: *fumes storms towards them* WHY YOU!....

Pildit: *more firmly* Amberley. *Amberley flinches* Look I don't understand the full behaviour of you Noops, but this has to stop.

Amberley: Oh come on, didn't you see th...

Pildit: No. More. I know my family. A lot more than I understand you. *Amberley looks hurt* *Pildit raises his stick to stamp it into ground...* Now I'm drawing the line here...*...and very lightly taps it down* You cause trouble for them once more....I might just very well get…mildly peeved. *walks away*

Amberley: *upset* Pildit! But we're telling you the truth.

Urpneys: *singing* You got told o-ff! You got told o-ff! *Amberley stands facing opposite them, fuming on the spot*

Blob: Well it seems like just one more strike and you're out, young Noop.

Amberley: *rolls up her sleeves, slowly turning around* *quietly and tranquil* Oh, I'm going to do more than strike you....

Rufus: Oooh dear...

Amberley: I'm going to THROTTLE YOU!!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!! *charges after them, Rufus holds her back*



*the Urpneys look on slightly bewildered as Rufus tries desperately to retrain an almost feral Amberley*

Frizz: They're very uncivilized things, those Noops.

Blob: Pay no attention to the feral locals, men, we have a job to do. *Urpneys march away*

*upper body shot of Rufus, now nonchalent*

Rufus: You calmed down yet?

Amberley: *upper shot on the floor struggling* NO!

*shot reveals Rufus is sitting on Amberley*

Amberley: Rufus, get off! Grhhh… There's going to get away and, nghhh, kill everything!

*Rufus looks around and notices the discarded bottles of poison*

Rufus: *cheery* Look Amberley, let's try counting. One bottle of Urpney poison...two bottles of Urpney poison..

Amberley: *struggles violently under Rufus enraged* RAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

Rufus: *frantic* Alright, alright, we won't do that one.

*cut to Urpneys*

Blob: Well men, now that that's taken care of, we will move on to our next step.

Frizz: Oh no. No. No. No. We're going straight back to the Whirliped.

Blob: Precisely my idea, Frizz.

Frizz: *taken back* R, r, really? He...he agrees with me...*estatic* Hah, hah. You hear that Nug? He AGREEEEES!!! We're going to the Whirliped. Yes. Yes. YESSS!

Blob: At which point we will collect all our remaining bottles and desperse it for one dividing blow.

*Frizz's face drops*

Blob: Come along men. Hup two. Hup two.


*back to Noops, Rufus is still cheerily counting (now leaves) and a defeated Amberley has finally joined*

R+A: Two hundred and four leaves. Two hundred and five leaves. Two hundr...

Amberley: *groans* Oh right, fine. I'm calm.

Rufus: *steps off Amberley* Feeling better?

Amberley: *moans frustrated as Rufus gets off her* Ooooh, now Pildit thinks I'm just some stupid brat!

Rufus: No, no!....I mean...yeah, right now he kinda does...

Amberley: *groans frustrated and buries her head in her knees. Rufus hasn't helped*

Rufus: *looks sadly at Amberley, talks more enthusiastically* Well it's okay, it's only till we find a way to flush them out. We just need to try more,'s...that word…that one you're always telling me to be more of?

Amberley: Tactful?

Rufus: Yeah, yeah, that's it. We just need to use more tactful on the Urpneys.
*The Urpneys begin spraying on their Wut perfume*

Blob: Now remember, men. We are nearing the tribe of weird Wut things, so try to act Wut-ish.

F+N: Right sarge....

Nug: ....Eh, sarge.

Blob: What is it Nug?

Nug: How exactly do we act Wut-ish?

Blob: Oh, you see, men, the key to acting akin to a Wut is the structure you use...erm...the legs!

Frizz: ...Legs?

Blob: Yes, men. All Wuts have legs. So follow that direction and you will have them fooled utterly.

Nug: This whole Wut business sounds pretty easy to me.

Frizz: No one would fall for these crummy costumes. We're walking straight into death's door.

Blob: There is no chance of us being instigated in these disguises, Men. They are helpless against us.

*Hear Wuts conversing nearby, all the Urpneys jump in a bush screaming*

Frizz: Are they getting closer?

Nug: *crouched down covering his eyes* I can't really see from this angle.

*Pildit approaches them*

Frizz: It's coming closer! It's coming closer! *sob*

Pildit: *looks at Blob* Auntie Blublous?

Blob: Eh?

Pildit: *and then Frizz* And Uncle Bruisewort. And Cousin Helianth. You've all arrived early.

Frizz: What's he talki....

Blob: *ahem* Why yes, young, er...Wut. We thought we'd make an early visit to your havenatious little forest.

Pildit: How wonderful....Why are you kneeling in that shrub?

Blob: Er...erm...we all saw *points at very small daisy* this lovely flower and just had to take a little shiff close up *quietly to Urpneys* Whiffing of daisy men.

*All three kneel and sniff at flower while glancing nervously at Pildit*

Pildit: ....I see...Well perhaps you would like to come up from there and we'll get you introduced.

Blob: How wonderful. Lead the way.

Frizz: *quietly* Sarge, are you mad?

Blob: SHH! It seems our disguises are led to this Wut mistaking us for close aqquaintienessesses, we will use this opportunity to peniferate the forest.

*Rufus and Amberley are sorting out bottles and equipment elsewhere*

Amberley: *carrying a bunch of globes* Okay here's the last of the globes...

Rufus: *staggering with boxes, blocking his vision from front* I've got some herbs here, Amberley, where should I...

*the two bump into each other everything falls on the floor*

Amberley: Oh no! *walks to mess only to step on a globe breaking it's cane*

Amberley: Agh! W, will this go back together? I, I... *tries to sit on a box, only to smash her rear through it*

Amberley: *frustrated* Gragghh, everything's going wrong!!! I don't believe...gnnkkk...*throws stick on the floor, only to smash another box to her horror*

*Amberley becomes even more frustrated. Rufus thinks to himself bewildered until suddenly perks up*

Rufus: Oh I know. *turns Amberley around and points to a globe* Amberley, Amberley. How many globes are there again? One. Two. Three.

Both: Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. *Amberley sighs calmer*

Rufus: Better?

Amberley: Yeah, but let's please get all this sorted, I don't want to show myself up in front of Pildit. *grabs broken Wut stick*

Pildit: You three wait here and I'll find my friends.

Blob: Take your time, dear.

*Pildit walks off*

Blob: Alright men, out with your bottles. Now we have integrated ourselves we may begin the poisoning.

*back to Noops*

Rufus: *working on Wut globe trying to clump sticks together to no avail*  I think it goes on...this way...*bottom half falls off* We might need some glue for this...

Pildit: Ah there you two are.

Rufus: *screams and hides the stick behind his back (it blatantly sticks out)*

Pildit: I'm sure you'll want to get acquainted with my relatives.

*to Urpneys*

Blob: We will start by spraying these large leaf growing trees situationed here.

Pildit: Greetings again.

*Urpneys all scream and hide bottles smiling nervously*

Pildit: Right. This is Rufus and this is Amberley. *points to dumbfounded Noops*

Blob: *nervous* Er....saluations, young Noops.

Pildit: And you two I believe I have told you about my relatives.

Amberley: *glares at Urpneys* Riiiiggghht.

Rufus: *chuckles* They...they're not serious, are they?....

Pildit: So I'll start with my Aunti-

*Pildit is cut off by offpanel screams and noises, he turns to see the Noops attacking the Urpneys*

Pildit: Er...have I missed something here?

Amberley: Don't worry, Pildit. We'll chase them off for you.

Pildit: *pulls Amberley away* Sorry Amberley, but I'm not sure Auntie Blubous is in the mood for sports right now.

Rufus: ...Come again?

Pildit: This is my aunt, and Uncle Bruisewort and Cousin Helianth.

Blob: *grins evilly* Charmed.

Pildit: Oh, if you excuse me I'm needed to talk with other regiments, you lot get acquainted, I'm sure you'll all have a lot to talk about.

*Pildit walks away*

Amberley: *turns angrily towards the Urpneys* What was that all about? What did you do to Pildit?

Blob: Er...what do mean, my dear Noop. We are simple nature loving Wuts as you can evidentually see with our plant-y extrusions and...lovely odor... *sprays potion at Amberley, she just looks deadpan*.

Amberley: You're not Wuts, you oink. Any idiot could tell you're an Urpney.

Frizz: Oh no! It doesn't work on them. I told you something would go wrong.

Nug: Do you think the wigs let us down?

Rufus: *slyly* You didn't have a washing up liquid bottle, did you?

Nug: Nah. Or half the toilet rolls. I thought we improvised well with some ping pong balls.

Rufus: See Amberley, I told you everyone watched that program. We should try it  for...fancy...dress...*notices Amberley glaring at him and hangs his head meekly*

Amberley: Anyway, the games over. You're caught!

Frizz: Let's get out of here, sarge, while only two of them notice us.

Amberley: What a brilliant idea, now get moving!

Blob: *glares at Frizz* We won't be going anywhere, FRIZZ, and if you two little misgriences know what's best for you, you'll keep your little nose out of it.

Amberley: We just have to tell on you and you'll have an entire army after you!

Blob: *chuckles slyly* Oh, is that so? Perhaps you'd like to put that through a test, young Brat-Noop?

Amberley: *gets angry* I said... *tries to push the Urpneys*...get...going!!!

Pildit: Well I'm back and...*looks at Amberley trying to manhandle Frizz* Oh, this odd game again? Well if you’re ready to look around, Auntie, I’ll play tour guide.

Blob: *grins at Noops* Splendid. Lead on.

*Pildit and the Urpneys walks off while the Noops stand dumbfounded for a moment*

Rufus:…He’s really convinced by that costume, isn’t he?

Amberley: Pildit's too smart to fall a trick like that! We better find them and see what's going on.

*back to Urpneys*

Frizz: Those Noops saw right through our disguises! We've been caught! We have to get out of here!

Blob: Nonsense Frizz, so long as their Wut friends are obvious to our disguises, we are in no harm. This seems like a seclusioned enough area. Now dump away lads. *empty bottles onto trees*

Pildit: Oh there you are.

*Urpneys scream and hide their bottles*


Pildit: Oh. Suit yourself then, Uncle. I see you're enjoying our plantlife. Admittedly a bit quaint compared to your native, I bet.

Blob: Er, erm, oh yes indeed, the lovely sensperational flowers. Very commonplace back home.

Nug: But we just have weeds *Blob whacks his helmet* Yaghh!!!

Pildit: Ahh, and I see our locals are taking in some of the air. *sees Wuts blooming their flowers on their tails to take in sun, refreshed* Would you like to join in?

Urpneys: Er, well, errr....

Pildit: Come on now, don't be shy. You always looked after yourselves, I'm sure your flowers bloom well.

Blob: Er, very well, then, let's just...LOOK OVER THERE!

Pildit: Hmm? Well, if you insist Auntie.

Blob: Quickly men. *fumble in patch of flowers*

Pildit: But er, how can I see them from up there?

Blob: Okay then.

Pildit: *turns around* Ahh, they are lovely. *The Urpneys smile innocently as they have plants stuck to their tails* I thought I remembered yours being a tulip however, Helianth.

Nug: Er, well, I thought like having a change of style y'see, I mean purple going with green and all...

Blob: *gags Nug* Why don't you show us your lovely flower, Bigit?

Pildit: Oh, well of course.

* Pildit's flower blooms and glows offscreen, the Urpneys stare in amazement*

Frizz: *tears* It's beautiful....

Pildit: Well I like to keep it tucked in, a bit unweldly to lug around the size it is. Anyway, I suppose you'll be interested in tending to the rest of the wildlife here.

Blob: *still dumbstruck* Wha...oh..erm yes. Yes indeed, that's right up our alley.

Pildit: You wait here and I'll make the arrangements.

*the Noops have caught up*

Amberley: There they are. Let's spy on them. *hides behind a bush, spacey Rufus just glares out in the open before Amberley drags him in*

Blob: The plan is forging together perfectly men. We will seep through and these Wuts will be nearly the wiser. We will start by spraying these large leaf growing trees situationed here.

Rufus: *behind a bush* Spraying trees?

Frizz: These little bottles of poison won't work on those trees. They're huge! They probably have vandals spraying junk on them anyway.

Amberley: The trees. They're poisoning the trees! *jumps out bush* STOP RIGHT THERE!!! You're not hurting any of these trees!

Frizz: Oh no! It's them again!

Amberley: I don't know what you did to Pildit but you're not getting away with this!

Blob: Hah! Oh, but your Wut friend over there seemed quite approving of our visit. Face it, we're in control here.

Amberley: *fumes* Why you!... Give me those bottles! *grapples at the Urpneys' bottles*

Pildit: What's happening now?

Blob: Quickly lads, time for Urpney tactic #158.

F+N: Right sarge, errr....

Blob: Wounded innocent victim.

*the Urpneys fall on the floor in mock pain*

Blob: Oh sob. Oh the pain! Struck down by this vile Noop.

Frizz: Ow, oww it hurts!

Nug: *whispers* That's good acting.

Frizz: Whose acting? I'm in serious pain. Ow-ww-ww.

Pildit: Auntie, are you all right?

Blob: Oh fine, young Bligit.

Pildit: Pildit.

Blob: Pildit. Just a few bruises from when these hooligans bombarderated us. I'll survive.

Amberley: What a load of... *he and Amberley are suddenly swept by magic orb*

*Pildit drags them via magic to a corner*

Pildit: You really should be careful playing with Uncle Bruisewort, he has very fragile stems.

Amberley: Oh, come on Pildit, they're obviously Urpneys in crummy disguises.

Pildit: What?

Amberley: Urpneys! Big noses? Lizard tails? Tiny little brains?

Pildit: Well, I've known my cousins for many years, I think I would have caught on if they were Urpneys.

Rufus: Oh come on. They're not THAT good costumes, Pildit, you can see the stitch marks and everything.

Pildit: *to himself* I sure hope they can't hear any of this from here. *looks in their direction* They're gone.

Amberley: Look we can prove it to you just as soon as we find them and rip their noses off.

*Pildit looks stunned and fires a forcefield in front of the Noops that they bump into*

Rufus: What the?...

Pildit: I think it may be best to keep you lot separate until I get to the bottom of this.

Amberley: Pildit!

*Pildit walks through barrier*

Amberley: H, can he possibly be falling for such a crummy plan?!?

Rufus: Maybe if we go to the village and get the othe-

Amberley: Wait, the barrier stops up in the air. Our leaves. *wanders to get leaves*

Rufus: *follows, mumbling to himself glumly* ....There's always some other folk that are, like, perfect for the situation we're in but it's always just us.
We never go "Hey, I bet Wildit could deal with this" or "Say, let's ask the Dream Maker to do one of his fancy spells, I bet that'll sort it"...
Wut Nonsense Rev 2 Part Two
Not sure if Flanderizing Amberley's temper issues was a good idea, though I liked giving Rufus a cute way of managing it.
*The Urpneys are on a large battlefield map, examined by Zordrak, with them as lifesize pieces, desperately trying to remain still as Zordrak repositions them in different areas*

Nug: * quietly through teeth* How long do we have to hold like this, Sarge. I feel an itch coming on.

Frizz: *in Noop costume* I feel ridiculous like this.

Blob: *same* Be quiet and hold your position, men.

*Zodrak slides the Urpneys around the map, they scream and moan as it happens*

Nug: *dizzy* I'll be sick if this goes on.

*Frizz starts a sneeze and desperately tries to hold it* AH-AHHHHH....

Blob: You are simultating a battle field men, and as such you are meant to be doing absolutely nothing at all.

*Frizz is breaking sweat trying to hold it in* Errr eERR...

Nug: Well I'm usually very good at doing nothing Sarge, but today I'm just not up to the task.


*Zordrak swipes the Urpney 'counters' in frustrations. They all slide into a wall in a pile. Frizz sneezes positioned right in Blob's face*

Zordrak: URRPGOR!!!

Urpgor: *zips into the lair* Ah-heh-heh. What is it your tall, dark and baritone?

Zordrak: You see the problem here, Urpgor? *points to the scattered mess of Urpneys*

Urpgor: *rssp* No wild guesses there, master. They've alligned it all wrong. You'd think Blob and his stupid minions could at least manage standing on the spot correctly but-

Zordrak: No, you imbecile! The entry to the Land of Dreams. Any opening for a attack is completely blockaded by THIS, the Wut Forest and all it's wretched inhabitants. Not only that but it supplies the Dream Maker with artilery, his bottles, those leaves. In order to make progress, that disgusting forest will need to be dealt with first.

* Zordrak places his arm into his Argorrible pit and searches*

Zordrak: Ahhh. Yes. This will be ideal.

*Pulls out a large ugly container with a terrible liquid inside*

Zordrak: *hands Urpgor blatantly oversized container* You will distribute this to Blob's men. It is toxic against the Wut's plants and trees and render their forces defenseless.

Urpgor: *straining holding container* Ah-heh. Of course Master. Ingenius thinking. But-eh, how do you intend them to get past the Wuts with this wonderful poison?

Zordrak: That...*pokes Urpgor* will be your concern.

*Urpgor nervously staggers away*

Zordrak: And Urpgor...

*Urpgor stops and turns back*

Zordrak: You have...*ponders coyly*...two hours.

*Urpgor gulps and continues*

Meanwhile in the Land Of Dreams, the magic ingredients are being collected, sorted and processed, ready to be transformed into dreams. Everyone is hard at work....but not making dreams. They're...growing the forest.

*backdrop of the Wut forest, which is in an odd undeveloped state, the plants are ungrown or in bud form and the scenery is a grey colorless state, suddenly a Wut flies up to a close by a bud and zaps, leading to grow into a colorful flower*

*Pildit is talking to the Dream Maker via his orb*

Dream Maker: I understand you're busy awakening your forest for the Spring again, Pildit.

Pildit: All of us are on full charge reviving everything here. It's always nice seeing the end results though. Rufus and Amberley seem to be enjoying our work as well.

Dream Maker: Well, we are ahead in our work today, and we can last without a fresh supply of bottles in the mean time. I'm sure they can take things easy there for a while.

Pildit: Well that will work fine, I have a few visitors coming here.

*Rufus and Amberley are picking flowers*

Amberley: I forgot how lovely this place is in spring. These ones are beautiful.

Rufus: Oh, you like these ones, do you? *shyly walks behind Amberley with bunch of flowers* Well then...

Amberley: *not noticing* Oh yes, I'm sure Pildit will too. *walks away with her own bunch*

Rufus: *dejected* Oh...yes...Pildit...right....

*Urpgor is searching frustratedly through his books in his lab*

Urpgor: AGHHH! NO! NOTHING IN HERE EITHER! How am I supposed to find a strategic weakness against those stupid Wuts when those idiots are sent there?
If they were clever enough to capture me a fresh Wut I could have dissected it and discovered everything about them with ease rather than looking through these unfinished files.

*Blob's men enter*

Blob: His Lordship is getting rather antsy, Urpgor. You were supposed to make a plan to infillerate the forest ages ago.

Urpgor: *rssp* It just so happens Blob, that my job requires a lot more time and patience than yours, largely due to the fact that it involves actual thinking! And it's a lot harder to do that with you breathing down my neck!!!

Blob: And how hard can it be to find a simple weakspot on those plant things?

Urpgor: Excessively hard, Blob!!! Wuts relatively have a far more moderate number of shortcomings compared to you buffoons, so it sets me back a drastic amount.

*Frizz and Nug observe Urpgor's specimens of Wut leaves and hair*

Frizz: What's this?

Nug: I think it's the hair of one of those green things.

Frizz: *sniffs* Eggghh! The smell is enough to put you off them. How can they go about with that stench?

*Urpgor suddenly rises interested, he snatches the specimen from Frizz. He examines it, sniffs it, and even tastes it*


Urpgor: Heh-heh-heh, that's it. *flips through book frantically* Come's got to be in here...YES! Scent! The Wuts are plants and so recognise each other by SCENT! HAH-HAH-HAH!
All I need is a wonderous invention to decieve their pitiful senses into thinking Urpneys smell like Wuts. It's genius in the making, HAH-HAH-HAH!!!

Zordrak: *On screen* URPGGOOOORR!!! I do hope you are making progress back there...

Urpgor: A-heh...Quite, master. I already have a brilliant idea chugging in my scientific mind, you'll be in amazement when-

Zordrak: Then get it done Urpgor.... *screen off*

Urpgor: Right, I need to work on a concoction for Wut smell. In the meantime, you three try and make a disguise to LOOK the part of a Wut. *scurries off excited*

Blob: Right you lot, you heard Uurpgoorr. Let's go make ourselves some Wut incognation.

Frizz: How on earth are we going to do that?

Blob: It's simple, Frizz. We look to the most advanced power.

*cut to the three watching a Blue Peter-esque show on one of Zordrak's screens*

Presenter: And today we will be learning how to make this lovely Wut costume. Now if you remembered from last week you were asked to keep four loo rolls and a large sheet of cloth handy....

Nug: Psst, do you have a spare loo roll?

Frizz: You were supposed to get your own, these are mine.

Presenter: And to start off your nose, take your washing up liquid bottle and take off the nozzle....

Frizz: I, I don't have a washing up liquid bottle. Nug. Nug!

Nug: You didn't share your's, I'm not sharing mine.

Frizz: I'm not wasting washing up liquid just for the bottle.

Nug: Then give me a loo roll. *takes a loo roll*

Frizz: NO!

Nug: You can't moan about a stupid loo roll when I'm giving you a whole washing up liquid bottle.

Frizz: Oh, please you use ten loo rolls per week and I barely even use washing up li-

Blob: Will you lot shut up and pay attention...Agghh, I missed that.

*Back in the forest*

Pildit: Ah and what have you two been up to?

Amberley: *blushing* For you, Pildit. *hands flowers*

Pildit: *slightly confused* Thank you. Narcissus papyraceus I believe.

*Rufus glumly fondles his own bunch*

Pildit: And I see you have the same, Rufus.

Rufus: Wha?...oh, er yes, errr, here you go, Pildit. *hastily tries to cover up and gives them to Pildit*

Pildit: *even more confused* thoughtful....Anyway, you both seem to be enjoying our work blooming the forest this year.

Amberley: Oh yes, everything is starting to look lush already.

*Rufus is staring lazily into space then notices some Wuts racing around on leaves, his eyes follow them giddily*

Plidit: We try our best. But we could use the extra help. Perhaps you could assist the others around here, get the apparatus ready.

*Rufus is staring into space nearby a sleeping Wut, a weak looking bubble travels out of the Wut’s hair and floats away*

Caption: Remember, dear viewer, that dream bubbles can last after their use and take the form of someone’s daydream.

*daydream bubble floats into Rufus’ ear*

Caption: Most often someone with a very poor attention span.

*Rufus becomes spacey and giddy, gazing into the sky. He sees an imaginary Rufus on a pimped up leaf in sports gear, Daydream-Rufus waves, with normal Rufus waving into space. Daydream-Rufus shows dolled up bottom of leaf.Rufus ponders and shakes his head, Daydream-Rufus spray paints a new assortment. Rufus nods and thumbs up approvingly. A Wut passes by, wondering what Rufus is whimsically looking at*

Amberley: *enthusiastic* Yes. We can handle that easy.

Pildit: Lovely. Oh and we're getting some help this year. My cousins are coming around and they bringing their own unique potions and spells which should bring out a very pleasant arrangement of plantlife this year. If you want you can stay and get acquainted with them. Now if you excuse me, I have to prepare for their arrival, and, er, thank you again for the flowers. *walks off, looking confused at flowers* I'll never understand Noops fondness for killing flowers...

Amberley: Sounds great doesn't it Rufus? *notices Rufus swaying around looking in the air as he imagines himself doing air tricks* ...Rufus?... *she glances up confused, nothing is there* RUFUS!!!

Rufus: Wha? Oh...

Amberley: Were you listening to anything Pildit said?

Rufus:.......Don't suppose it had anything to do with loop-de-loops did it?

*Urpgor is grinning at his chemistry workshop bubbling and processing something, finally something pours into a beaker*

Urpgor: A-HAH-HAH-HAHHHH! THIS IS IT! My Eau De Wutte! Have you put on your disguises yet, Blob?

*Blob and co are putting on poorly made Wut costumes*

Frizz: I feel like a fairground attraction. These disguises won't work anyway. Come on, I can see the zips. And anyone will notice the string holding our noses on.

Nug: You don't really have the build for a Wut either.

Urpgor: Uooghhh, well the disguises are only the base anyway. THIS will be how you get through unnoticed.

Nug: I already have a cologne on thank you. Nice heavenly scent of cockroach.

Urpgor: This perfume will confuse the Wuts senses, you idiot! You just spray this perfume all over, and they'll smell one of their own kind and think you're a Wut.

Blob: Very well. And where is the poison for us to innumerate their base, Urpgor?

Urpgor: I've stored it into bottles, Blob. Since you have all the discretion of a foghorn, the bottles are small so they will go unnoticed, so you will have to store them in the Whirliped and take a few at a time.

*Frizz and Nug strainously drag the huge sack of poison bottles to the Whirliped*

Blob: Come along, men. To your positions.

Frizz: *exasperated* Positions? I can barely position my back anymore.

Nug: And I suppose we'll be doing more lovely pedalling as well.

*Blob's men are seated in the Whirlyped to their usual positions*

Blob: Starting take off.

F+N: Starting take off.

Blob: Begin pedalling.

F+N: Begin pedalling.

Blob: Emisserate hopping up and down sequence.

F+N: Emisserate hopping up and down sequence.

*Urpgor walks back to lair before noticing left over sack of perfume, he rushes to Whirliped frantically*


Blob: Reversing Whirliped.

F+B: Reversing Whirliped.

*The Whirliped screeches to a halt and hops backward, further and further towards Urpgor*

Urpgor: AGGHH! WAIT, GO FORWARD!!! GO FOR- *Whirliped lands on Urpgor and bottles, Urpgor comes out the wreckage coughing and gagging from the scent*

*Blob comes out and grabs now half destroyed sack of bottles, Frizz and Nug giggle quietly to themselves*

Blob: Why have you given us deflective containers, Urpgor?

Urpgor: JUST GET OUT, BLOB!!! NOW!!! SHOOO!!! *throws bottles at Blob enraged*

*Blob quickly rushes back in and Whirliped launches, Urpgor walks back in, still spluttering in disgust*

Blob: Alright men, we are nearing the Forest of the Wuts, remember we are meant to be entering incognation, so try to make a quiet and inconspicatious landing.

Frizz: Did you understand any of that?

Nug: I got "to" just fine.

Blob: In order to avoid recognation from enemies we must choose a suitable place of landing in the outer rim of the forest.

Nug: You mean like near that tree.

Blob: You can see there are many trees in a forest Nug. Please specificate.

Nug: *points in front* That big one we're flying into.

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *ccrassshhhh*

*The Whirliped crashes and falls down beside the tree*

Blob: *dazed walks out* Y, yes Nug...This seems a most suitable spot for our craft...

*A large branch breaks and falls onto the Whirliped, showering it with leaves*

Blob: *even more daze* And...we are even camouflaged....
Wut Nonsense Rev 2 Part One
Decided to redo this script, less awkward dialogue and streams a tiny bit better, though feels a tad bloated compared to the previous one.
Rufus' Bad Dream Page 75 by E-122-Psi
Rufus' Bad Dream Page 75
And after a VERY long hiatus, here's another page of the comic at last.

Not sure about Rufus' expressions. Might look too goofy. Wanted a load of pathos for his darkest hour.
Thanx everyone for the messages wishing me a happy birthday. A so and so day, spent half of it at work, an exceptionally hectic shift. Some nice presents after though.

Sorry for the lack of activity, got back into the ROM hacking addiction. Expect some big updates to old projects soon.


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